You Really Could Lose Weight Fast With This Potent And Powerful English Herbalists Slimmers Tea*

Its Taking The Nation By Storm*

This wonderful tea was created by ourselves to our own unique formula and thoroughly tested on real people in our slimming clinics.  It puts other imported slimming teas at risk.


We only use organically grown English herbs, combined in the exact proportions that our tests have shown to be most effective.*

If you have not tried a slimmer's tea before then it makes sense to put your faith in a tea created by experienced herbalists.

Our slimmer's tea is sold with a no quibble money back guarantee so you do not risk a penny.

Its not the cheapest slimmer's tea you can buy but its eminently affordable and we think  that the few pennies more it costs will be rewarded with a slimmer's tea  that actually could deliver the outcome you want.* 

We know how fast results  always motivate the individual tremendously so we have created a potency of strength that is designed  to show results in days not weeks.* 


We believe that tea bags are not a good choice for the maximum efficacy of pharmaceutical grade herbs so our tea must be brewed.  Full instructions are given and you will be delighted  at how wonderful it tastes. 

*DISCLAIMER.  Results may vary from person to person. This remedy is safe to take and non habit forming. If in any doubt please consult your GP before usage.

Supplied in 32g packs.  Which gives up to 20 servings.

This really is a different experience.  Please sample it.  You wont be disappointed.  

Our Prices

One 32g pack£12.50
Two 32g packs£20.00
Three 32g packs£26.00

Please note that our Slimmers Tea can be used in conjunction with any weight loss regime you may be following.

*All testimonials refer to the individuals results only and should not be taken as guarantee of the same results for yourself


"Have tried your slimmers tea and think it works well" *

"Have used your test pack of tea and have lost 2 Lbs already" *

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