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"The pounds just fell away...it was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight* Mary L. West Midlands. 

See before and after pictures on right.  Mary lost 2 stone 4Lbs. Results may vary according to individual circumstances. 

Harness The Power Of Natures Pharmacy

We have found that quick positive results motivate the individual tremendously. That is what this unique programme is designed to do*  But please use responsibly.  Follow instructions carefully. If you start to lose weight too quickly reduce the dosage or cease usage.  

*DISCLAIMER. Results may vary from person to person. Our remedies are safe and non-habit forming. If in any doubt please contact your GP before usage.

Herbalists believe that the synergistic interaction of specific herbal combinations contribute greatly to the therapeutic effects of the individual remedy*  We think this course demontrates the theory convincingly.

That is why our expertise has proven so to be so popular with our customers and why so many come back time and time again and recommend our services to their families and friends.


This is a serious alternative remedy for the overweight.  It has a long history of safe usage and has helped hundreds of individuals to acheive their weight loss goals*  Could it help you too?  With our money back guarantee you dont risk a penny.

We are passionate about improving the lives of our customers and after 25 years as practising herbalists we are good at it.  Read on and discover what we can do for you.  Then take your first step to a slimmer body and a happier life*

IMPORTANT.  This course is not suitable for those with eating disorders.  If your appetite diminishes too rapidly stop using the course.

Have you been struggling with your weight? Do you hate the excess fat that makes you feel unattractive and miserable and are you open minded enough to try something completely different?  Then this could be just what you have been looking for.*

It is a safe and honest 4 week "crash" programme that could have really great potential for you* 

*The comments and testimonials below refer to the individuals results only. Results may vary from person to person. This remedy is sold with a full money back guarantee. 


"I am very pleased with your course and want to order some more.  Everyone is asking how I got my new body and of course I am telling them about you.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful service".....Mrs D W, Worcester*


1.  Gastric Band Pills.  These help reduce the appetite, boost energy and normalise the metabolism.*

2. Burnoff Pills. Our unique formula to assist your natural metabolism to work at maximum effectiveness.* 

3.  Oxy-Slim Pills.  A detoxifying formula which clears toxins from the colon and reduces water retention.  Its like mild colonic irrigation but without the discomfort or embarrasment.* 

This is a 3 part combination that has already helped many long term overweight individuals to realise their weight loss goals*  Why not see what it could do for you?  

WHY SHOULD YOU ORDER ?  For over 40 years we have made a deep study of the effects that plants and herbs may have on the human condition.  Most of the major discoveries of benefit to the human race were made not by Governments or Organisations but by individuals with imagination and talent*  We continue this tradition with our unique range of products.* 

Please complete your order now.  We know we can help you. This is a weight loss product you can believe in.  E mails of testimonial and thanks arrive daily*


Our Prices

3 PART CRASH COURSE (months supply)3£58.00
2 X 3 PART CRASH COURSES (special offer)£81.00

We do not make extravagant unachievable claims. We tell the truthWe do however strive our utmost to exceed your expectations. With 70% of our sales being re orders we may have got things right.

If you have struggled with your weight for years please try this unique course.  We offer a full money-back guarantee so why not buy and try it?*


 *The comments and testimonials (including video) refer to the individuals results only.  Results may vary from person to person. 

“Just a few words to thank you for your wonderful slimming course.  I have lost 2 dress sizes and feel marvellous.  Thanks again” L. V. Wales*

"After being overweight for so long.  I feel so much better and fitter, just can’t thank you enough.  I have set myself a target so won’t be telling you just yet till the courses are completed.  I just can’t believe my good luck.  Thanks once again” M. F. Dudley*

“I thought I would e mail you as I am ordering another of your crash courses and to tell you that I am really surprised that it worked.  In 3 weeks I have lost 15 pounds in weight and I am very happy as I don’t get hungry between meals at al.  I am still stunned at how simple it was to lose all that extra weight so quickly.  Congratulations” C.B.Suffolk*

“Please send me another course.  I feel marvellous .  Have lost 9 pounds .  I just couldn’t believe it because I have tried so hard before and just couldn’t lose weight at all” J.W.London* 

“Please send me another of your fantastic crash course tablets.  I have lost 19 pounds in 5 weeks.  No diet has ever been so effective for me in fact several of my colleagues are so impressed they are ordering for themselves” P.L. Merseyside*

Please order now.  You will never regret it.  



"I found yourweightloss course really useful and would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants something really good"*

"I bought the course for a wedding and lost weight.Brilliant" *

"I lostweight with your course but unfortunately putsome of it back on because of a holiday so I am ordering some more" *

"I have told my friends about your 3 part course and some are going to try it" *

"I am very pleased with your course and want to order some more. Everyone is asking how I got my new body and of course I am telling them about you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful service" *

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