With nearly a century of experience and ethical trading the Clinico mission is to do only good.

We are a very long established family business.  Selling by direct mail a unique range of hard to find, genuine and exclusive herbal and alternative health products. 

Please dont look for anything we sell in Chemists, Health Food stores, or retail shops. We sell only to our personal customers.

It all started in the early years of the last century when Rhoda Newman became known as a talented herbalist when she dispensed herbal medicines from her greengrocers shop in the Gosta Green area of Birmingham. We carry on her efforts and tradition to the present day. 

Our policy has always been to produce really effective herbal and alternative  treatments. Always up to a standard, never down to a price.  The quality and purity of the herbs used in our formulations, and the care with which they are compounded and processed must inevitably be reflected in the price.  Our products tend to cost slightly more. THEY ARE WORTH IT

For countless centuries plants and herbs were the only medication known to man. Evolving as it has over many thousands of years by a slow process of experimentation and observation, herbal treatments can truly claim to be proven, safe, and above all beneficial. We continue this tradition to the present day. The remedies we supply are greatly appreciated by our customers and over 70% of our business comes to us via personal recommendation and repeat orders. We hope you will find this website interesting and beneficial.

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