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We Offer Truly Unique Bespoke Herbal Solutions For The Over Weight

We have for many years been one of the premier specialists in the UK for for those seeking genuine alternative herbal remedies.  Word of mouth has established our reputation.  70% of our sales derive from repeat orders and the recommendation of existing customers. 

Our highly successful range of products is based firmly on decades of experience during which time we have helped literally thousands of our customers to improve their lives.  Let these superb natural alternatives help you as they have helped so many others. 

We invite you to prove to yourself the wonderful benefits of nature’s pharmacy.


People of all races have used plants as medicines.  Learning over the ages which plants were efficacious for which ailment.  The corrects combinations and dosage etc.  This great storehouse of information and experience simply cannot be dismissed.  Herbal remedies have been successfully used in the treatment of man since history was recorded.

While modern drugs are synthetic, chemical based, and have a comparatively short clinical history, herbal medicines are plant based, wholly natural, and have a history of beneficial and safe usage stretching back for thousands of years.  

*DISCLAIMER  Results can vary depending on your diet, fitness and other medical factors.  The herbs used in our remedies are organically grown.  There are no known or reported risk from their consumption and all of our herbal formulations are safe to take and non habit forming.  If in any doubt please consult your GP before usage.* 

Clinico only take payment for each individual order that you, the customer, place with us; we do not have access to any customer’s bank or credit card details. You only pay for the one order. Please note that every product we sell carries a full money back guarantee.

Clinico Herbalists, Hadley, Droitwich, Worcestershire. Text  07388 686 774.

Callers by appointment only please.

Please use our contact page to ask for our advice about any aspect of herbal medicines. 


We are Master Herbalists and Naturopaths, specialising in Clinical Research and Development.

WE MAIL ORDERS WORLDWIDE. It is our aim to despatch all orders within two working days of receipt. 

We post first class by Royal Mail, in plain unmarked packaging. Postage and packing is charged at a standard rate of £5 (whatever the size of your order) Please allow up to 7 days for delivery. Please retain your order number. You have the unconditional right to cancel a contract within 7 days of receiving the goods.  Overseas orders postal charge is £10.

Fair trading information.

These are not chemical based modern medicines.  The products we sell are natural herbal formulations.  They are made from whole plants and herbs and also contain a broad spectrum of salts, minerals and trace elements which are drawn up from the soil itself.  

Testimonials are either unsolicited written comments from customers or representative expressed views solicited from product users during our continuing programme of customer satisfaction surveys. 

Due to our continuing product improvement programme formulations and ingredients of individual products may change from time to time - Clinico fair price policy. Our prices are the lowest we can possibly charge without compromising effectiveness and potency. The quality of the raw materials we use in the manufacture of our herbal products is absolutely paramount. Help and advice freely given (email only). Please use our contact page to email us about any aspect of herbal medicines. 


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